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Norwegian Dream which turned into a Nightmare Land Theft Scandal.

In 2006 we sold the home in Derbyshire, England. Then having gained approval from Fyresdal District Council with the business plans in a legal Concession document we purchased Ystesund Gard with a mortgage. (200 acres remote mountain Agricultural-Forestry place in Telemark, Norge.) The Norwegian Bank (Seljord Sparebank) should have done more with the fraud issue at the start but have been difficult and unhelpful and refusing to provide vital information when needed to sort the problem. It even broke into the home in December 2011 with the Norwegian Police and never told us and changed the locks so we could not gain access!

The sale was then registered in the National Land Deeds, however months on the person who sold us Ystesund Gard (Mr Kare Syvertsen) then again sold a large section of the vital Agricultural/Forest/Garden production land to the Norwegian Department of Transport. (Statens Vegvesen) This is illegal in Norwegian and International laws.

Statens Vegvesen-Mesta then several times trespassed and illegally removed hundreds of wooden animal fencing poles we had erected before then smashing them up onto the meadows. (animal health regulations stated the planned herd of Organic Goats and Clydesdale Horses had to be controlled on the land and we could not move them in without the fixed fence).

Since then we have approached numerous offices there and been given the complete run around. We had to involve the English MEP.

See the links below:-

The Norwegian Government tried to hide this scandal from the world and also intended to force the sale of the farm in the Norwegian court system without us because we did not move in which was impossible as in addition it withheld broadband services vital to the tourism side of the business that was approved in the original Concession Document.

It's also ironic whilst we wanted to move in and earn our full time living at Ystesund (and still do) the Norwegian shipping millionaire Johan Benad Ugland (from Grimstad) purchased Austre Nape Gard (16,000 acres) in the same area and Fyresdal District Council / Telemark County Council / The Agricultural Office in Oslo all allowed him to break the legal Norwegian Concession Law and use it as a leisure hunting and fishing place and not move in and live there full time as required to do. This is double standards and considered racism.  

Click the link to view the original dream we had:-

Click the link to view the legal documents with dates that prove we are correct and Statens Vegvesen are involved in state approved fraud. "Appeal Letter" is in English as shows how difficult life was made:-

Click the link to watch the latest BBC TV interview:-

Please sign and support this petition as private individuals we cannot afford to take legal action to defend ourselves against the public office of the Norwegian Government.



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  • Vest Telemark Tingrett (West Telemark District Court)
    Kjersti Degnes
  • Royal Norwegian Embassy London
    Olav Myklebust
  • Minister of Transport - Statens Vegvesen
    Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa
  • Seljord Sparebanken MD (Norwegian Bank)
    Ben Elvenes
  • Legal Official at Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Department of Transport)
    Henning Fykerud

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