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My name is Arianna, and I'm a domestic abuse/assault victim living with PTSD. After I left my apt in the Bronx, I decided to move in with my ex fiancé. We lived with his parents, which the idea in itself was horrible, being that they were going through a very bad divorce. There's always been abuse in that ex's mother hitting her husband...Well....Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It was six months in, my ex hit me for the first time....a punch in the rib rather. He felt bad and apologized, and I figured, maybe, just maybe, it was a one time thing. I was wrong. Our fights turned to all out wars. Things got broken. He took everything out on me... Nothing I ever did was right in his eyes. He took it out on my dog. On his mother. Everything in his line of sight was at risk of being destroyed. ....and every time he hit me, and every time there was a "I'll never do it again."

We officially ended things on the night of his best friends birthday March 19th 2016, yet I stayed in the house....I had no job, and no place to go. It was the worst relationship I've ever been in and to this day, I regret saying yes to that proposal in February, because on one late, clear night, in mid May of 2016, after trying to get back together and work things out.... the night I'll never ever forget, I was brutally assaulted by my ex's mother, and my ex fiancé (due to restraining orders I cannot mention names), which resulted in multiple arrests, and assault and disorderly conduct charges against him, and disorderly conduct charges against me and his mother. I was kicked out of the house, and was left homeless. I had no choice but to leave my dog behind because, well, where would she stay? In my car with me? I was homeless for a month... Missing my babygirl, living with wounds that eventually healed, but the hole in my heart where she lived... Stayed open. I'm stuck with a hospital bill that I know he'll never pay, because he never was the one to own up to his mistakes. It's been a long three months of fighting to get her out of a home where my very hostile, uncontrollably angry ex would strike her whenever he got mad, and same with my ex's mother, who'd hit her whenever she did something wrong. My ex's mother - the mother of all manipulators. Of liars. Who closely resembles the personality of Satan. Pure evil.... This woman has gone behind my back and has changed paperwork to her name, wrote an outrageously false affadavit about me to get a valid restraining order against me and made up lies about me to a judges face in court. Now, it has all come down to this.... October. The next, and last court date... Where the judge decides my dogs fate. To be with her abuser, or to be with me... Her real mother. The missing piece in my heart that aches without her.


 My evidence on her abuse may not be enough.....I can't do this alone. That's why I'm calling upon all of you - to sign this petition, as animal lovers, to stand up for what's right, for a woman who has 12 years work experience as a veterinary technician, and a degree in animal care. Sure, letters of recommendation may do me some good. But the more signatures I have - the better it will look in my judge's eyes. 

Update: I found a job, have an apartment I love, and have surrounded myself with good people that support and love me, it's amazing how you can bounce back from rock bottom. But I still don't have my dog. I love her and miss her so much and am so worried for her safety. Please I am begging everyone - sign this petition. I need my baby girl back. 

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