Accessible/Affordable Internet across the North. - #COVID19NWT

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Access to free high-speed internet is a necessity during times of isolation, and is paramount to our way of life. By bringing families and communities together, ensuring timely information exchange, and supporting small businesses, high-speed internet has become fundamental to our mental health, overall health, and safety.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has declared high-speed internet an essential service, vital to one's quality of life. This is especially true for rural, and remote areas with limited high-quality fixed internet services and no shared market power.

During these extraordinary times, and
to support the safety of Northwest Territories’ residents, we invite NorthwesTel to waive overage fees, and establish unlimited data plans, including for Satellite communities. Effective immediately, and until July 2020.

During these critical times, Northwest Territories residents can stand together to adapt our behaviour for the safety of families, and to ignite new ideas to support access to health services, and small businesses services by signing this petition now, and inviting your friends to do so as well.