Make Northwest High School a Safer Place

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There has been a total of 5 school shootings in the United States that have resulted in death or injury since the beginning of 2018. School shootings are like a nightmare people would never imagine being in. However, it is a possibility at public schools. Students everywhere are feeling very unsafe due to past and recent events regarding school shootings. This is unacceptable. Students should be able to feel safe in a place where they go to learn every day. Students cannot focus on their schoolwork or goals if they do not trust the safety of the building they are in. We believe that Northwest High School, located in Germantown, Maryland should have higher security. This could include metal detectors at school entrances, bag checks in the morning, possible mental health screenings for students, and stricter rules for letting students into the building. We believe that any actions taken regarding the security of the school will make every student feel safer and possibly prevent a tragic event from taking place at school. Please keep in mind that we believe Northwest High School’s security already is in very good shape. These suggestions are in reaction to the school shootings that have occurred this year. 

NOTE: The ideas listed above are just SUGGESTIONS and do not limit the possible actions that could be taken. We would like the security of Northwest High School to be improved any way possible in general.

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