Save Dillon Overholtzer From Being Forced To Change Schools

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Dillon has taken tremendous pride in his school that he has attended for the past four years. Dillon is now a senior, the Head Photographer in his school's Yearbook class, and is in the school's FAME Academy, which he has been elected into high positions.

I have not known anyone before that has given so much effort to making their school be known across the nation. This is Dillon. At Northview, Dillon is known by every teacher and aide on campus, and has either interacted or done something for each and every one of them. There isn't anyone at Northview that doesn't know who Dillon is, and the sort of work he has done for his school. Dillon has even been paid by the school for his photography, and the school administrators have helped Dillon get himself into the local newspaper. Dillon has been trusted with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Dillon also is at every single school event, helping setup, and tear down, even when he isn't asked.

Recently, Dillon made a bad judgement. Dillon had his best friend's phone because his friend left it by where they hang out at lunch. During Dillon's next class, a notification caused the phone's screen to come on, and there was no lock screen. Because of this, Dillon got curious and went into his friend's phone, found a picture of his friend and a mutual friend, and posted it on social media. The photo brought negativitiy, so it was removed within five minutes by Dillon. 

As I have said before, Dillon has helped just about every teacher on campus. This is because Dillon is excellent on his computer skills. In addition to the photo mistake, Northview is accusing Dillon of hacking into school security as well. Northview has this whole accusation mistaken. Dillon, along with his other FAME Academy classmates, have been taught how to use COMMAND + K on a Macintosh computer. For those of you who don't know what COMMAND + K does, it opens a window to allow you to connect to a server. Dillon has recommended to his teachers many times that this should be locked from student use, ever since he came into the school as a freshman, but no-one seemed to care at the time.

From :Command-K | Open the Connect to Server window.

For anyone who knows a Macintosh, or even has general knowledge of a computer, this is not considered "hacking" and is a common key that is used everyday. Dillon was attempting to connect to a computer in the FAME room from the Yearbook room, because Google Drive does not work in the Yearbook room. 

Overall, Dillon understands what he did with the photo was wrong, and he knows and promises that he won't do anything of the sort again. The school has taken no consideration as to the amount of things Dillon has provided and accomplished for the school. Dillon is like the mascot for Northview, with over 1200 followers on Instagram, all of which are Northview students, Dillon helps promote school spirit and culture amongst his other classmates, and has been recognized by school leaders for this effort. It's very strange that the school's administration has suddenly turned on Dillon for a simple mistake, of which he has admitted to.

Dillon has an upcoming meeting this week with the District Placement Committee to see if he will be transferred. This petition will help Dillon's position in the meeting.

I am a single mother and I am disabled, and I have raised Dillon his whole life, moving schools would be devastating financially and emotionally for both of us. Dillon's passion has been taken away from him (photography and film) and in addition the school doesn't want Dillon to graduate with his friends he's grown up with at Northview. What I am asking is for my son to remain at Northview High School and graduate with the rest of his class.

Please help Dillon stay at his school by signing this petition.