Confirm all Northpark Center security cameras are operational & increase security escorts.


Confirm all Northpark Center security cameras are operational & increase security escorts.

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Heather LeClair started this petition to General Manager, NorthPark Center Billy Hines and

6 Feb 2016: I have officially declared VICTORY through the petition. THANK YOU to everyone that was involved in this initiative to better our community. There is a rundown from my meeting with NorthPark Center including security updates available HERE.

Some of the highlights:
• Customer Service Concierge Escorts at the four main entrances
• 100% of cameras are operational
• Security presence and patrols have been increased
• New Security bike patrols will be added 
• New signage with security contact information clearly displayed
• Features are being added to the NorthPark mobile app to contact security and report concerns

I hope you have a chance to notice some of these enhancements on your next visit!

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The recent incidents that have occurred at NorthPark Center have revealed that the security cameras are not currently in or operational in many of the parking lots. While no preventative measures are 100% foolproof having video footage of the criminals would lead to an increased chance of catching the perpetrators as well as deterring future acts. 

NorthPark Center states that they have a team of well-trained, highly effective security staff, however, there needs to be a consistent way to contact them for assistance while in the mall or when needing help to exit the building for an escort. For example, a dispatch phone number that anyone can call at any time.

This petition is requesting the NorthPark Center confirm the location of cameras, that all cameras are operational, that they are being monitored consistently, and by whom. Also, the posting of dispatch contact information for security escorts be easily visible at all exits and escorts be readily available.

NorthPark Center is visited by nearly 27 million people each and every year, it is their responsibility to ensure that these visitors are welcomed in a safe and secure environment that reflects positively on the community which you serve.

Join me to hold NorthPark Center to a higher standard of security. Even if it only stops one attack, one mother from being scared for her children, one woman from having to walk alone to her car and be vulnerable. In the worst case that there is another attack, there is video footage of the perpetrators. It may only be a small request - but to the victims it so much more.


This petition made change with 1,133 supporters!

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