Make sport hunting and pleasure hunting live animals illegal in Northern Ireland

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This weekend I witnessed something horrific. I posted a video on social media about it, and have decided to start a petition too to get this cruel practice stopped. 

Myself and my mum and brother were witness to a live deer hunt. By the time we saw the deer up close he was half-dead, tongue hanging out of its mouth and barely able to stand on its four legs anymore while being chased by about 30 hounds. It was probably one of the most horrific things I have ever witnessed. 

It is not illegal to pleasure hunt live animals like deer and foxes in this way in Northern Ireland, it is, however, in the rest of the U.K. That's why I'm calling for an end to it in Northern Ireland.

The animal has most likely been recaptured by these people for it to be nurtured back to health, only for this process to be repeated over again in the future. There needs to be a stop to this, how it is still legal for this practice to occur in Northern Ireland I can’t begin to comprehend. Please sign this petition to try and get this ‘sport’ made illegal, it is not a very big ask. I will also be writing to my local MLA. If you feel as strongly as I do I would greatly appreciate it if you could follow suit and do the same. A change needs to be made. Thank you in advance.