Preserve Wildlife Corridor & Prevent Northern Beaches Council passing DA2019/0200

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Mr Michal Regan


Northern Beaches Council

725 Pittwater Road 

Dee Why NSW 2099 Australia


Dear Mr Regan

RE: Application Number: DA2019/0200 centre building

This is a letter of objection, and a request that you deny the application regarding this proposed development. This development infringes on the bushland and  represents overdevelopment of an area that needs to be kept as bushland and as a major wildlife corridor. 

Allenby Park is as unique parcel of bushland that contains water tributaries that feed into the ocean, native rainforest and many species of native fauna including wallabies, echidnas and breeding pairs of the Powerfjhul Owl which is listed on the New South Wales Threatened Species Conservation Act as Vulnerable.

This development will impact directly on the wildlife and bushland and also the many residents who have dwellings that back onto the valley. There is also a major concern that this would close a wildlife corridor which connects Allenby Park and it’s adjacent reserves with Manly Dam. Light industry verging on bushland also poses the concern of bushfires.

Thank you for taking our objections and suggestions into account.

Yours sincerely