Stop the destruction of Northern Beaches local heritage by developers

Stop the destruction of Northern Beaches local heritage by developers

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Started by Kristin Zindel

I used to live in a 1920s original farmhouse that bordered on a part of Australia that for many people no longer exists, and in particular for those in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  There was some of the most amazing wildlife you can see here, much of which many people have never heard of, let alone realise they live next to.  And it is all in one spot.  But one tiny, shrinking, spot that is under siege from all sides.  Its official address is 8 Forest Road, Warriewood; we knew it as Lot 1 Jubilee Avenue, Warriewood.  If you are older in years, it has been known as the Wilson house, and the surrounding land not long ago held the famous tomato growing greenhouses still in operation.

The house was built mid 1920s, it has hand cut sandstone foundations, with original features such as ceiling motifs, original fireplaces, and original floorboards.  It is a unique local dwelling and example of this style of house still existing on the Northern Beaches; I know of no other even in Sydney.  

Developers now own this land, and there is a DA approved for 81 dwellings.  I fought that, as did many others, but it was eventually granted in the Courts.  However the Court conditions stated the existing house was to remain, to be kept and renovated.  Now however, since we moved out in 2017, the owners (being an Australian company but involving Chinese/Australian investors) have let the house get vandalised and attacked, stating it will now be too expensive to renovate. 

The Northern Beaches Council, despite being advised untold times from 2015 to 2019 the house was under threat, refused to protect it for heritage, and despite notifying the owners the house was getting damaged did not enforce the conditions imposed upon the owners to protect the house.  It was never secured, fenced or any protection afforded in any way. 

Can you please show you care about saving our historical houses for future use, to be restored and loved as they once were, and that no more destruction such as this should take place?  Please sign my petition to have the house restored by the owners, as requested by the Court and by the Council, and protected for future generations.  Thank you for your support!

842 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!