Receive the Grades ACHIEVED at NAIT

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Students have worked diligently throughout the semester to receive the grades they have achieved regardless of the situation with COVID 19. While all of us appreciate the hard work and tough choices the faculty has had to make during this time; we students deserve the opportunity to decide whether we should receive a P-pass, H-honors, or F-fail (without affecting their GPA) or the option to take the letter grade that would affect our GPA. It is unfair to group everyone into one category when some have worked harder than others. Numerous students have committed time away from their families, friends, etc in order to do their best throughout the semester because their GPA matters to them. Numerous students have had hard semesters and this could have been the one that boosted them to where they wanted to be. Education matters. Give us a choice. This is not to dismiss the students who would like to and have been affected by the pandemic if they wish to receive the new grading structure they should be entitled to that. 

Please sign this petition if you agree with giving students at NAIT the CHOICE of receiving their hard-earned GPA marks.