NEU should allow students to opt into P/F grades after receiving final grades w/o a limit

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Northeastern students are permitted to elect up to 2 courses as pass/fail. NEU students have time until April 14th to make this decision. 

On the contrary, a lot of colleges like Boston University, Carnegie Mellon, Lehigh, UConn, and Tulane are allowing their students to opt into pass/fail grades after they receive their final grades. On top of that, some colleges specify that there is no limit on the number of courses students can convert to pass/fail grades. 

Northeastern should give its students the option to choose whether to convert their grades to p/f after students receive their final grades like other universities are doing. Also, considering how different learning experience is for each class, there shouldn't be a limitation on the number of courses students can convert to p/f grades. 

We are all going through hard times and the weight on students' shoulders has to be lightened to ensure they maintain a decent mental health. The global outbreak of COVID-19 affected not only the quality of education we are receiving but it also made it extremely hard for a lot of students to let alone studying, focus on something else than the global crisis we are going through.  

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