Create a public park celebrating the history of Northampton!

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Back in 2012, FONC first proposed the idea of a Heritage Gateway for Northampton. The original three goals were to restore Northampton Castle to public recognition and enjoyment, to develop a Medieval Heritage Resource Centre, and to replace the vacant Castle House office block with a public plaza.

Under these auspices, the office block was torn down in 2014. The county and borough councils both committed to the creation of a Heritage Gateway for Northampton. And yet a year later plans were announced for 30 houses on the site!

We are calling upon both councils to renew their commitment to the project and deliver on their promise to give Northampton a space to celebrate our medieval history.

A Heritage Plaza on the site of Castle House makes sense for so many reasons. It's the closest available area to the site of the Castle for one thing. For another it sits on a main route into the town by road or rail. The stunning medieval architecture of St Peter’s Church will link in with the plaza, boosting the presence of both sites, and it will give local residents a park to bring their children to, something which Spring Boroughs is sorely lacking.

The part of town between Sol Central and the train station is central yet neglected, and a public space would act as a brilliant way for visitors to enter the town. It would also draw people to that end of town, providing greater exposure for the businesses on Marefair, and for other attractions such as St Peter's, a CCT 'gateway church', and the Old Black Lion, a Grade II listed building and one of Northampton's oldest public houses.

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a heritage gateway and a real sense of pride in the history of the town.

Signing this petition is your chance to make a mark on the town and to say "We made this happen". So... sign it now and let's make it happen!