One Way? No Way!

One Way? No Way!

3 October 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nick Bailey

Plans to turn Billing Road into a one-way system at a cost of £1.392m have been drawn up by Northamptonshire County Council. As residents, we are totally opposed and are campaigning to stop it.

Under the plans to promote cycling and walking, Billing Road will become a single one-way lane only into town from Park Avenue South to Cheyne Walk with huge two-way bicycle lanes alongside.

Yet a traffic survey shows LESS THAN TWO PER CENT of Billing Road’s traffic is cyclists.

Billing Road is a vital main traffic artery in and out of town. This scheme - part of a £2.5bn Active Travel Fund - includes plans for 25 miles of cycle lanes across Northampton. It will have a devastating impact on patients getting to and from Northampton General Hospital, Northampton School for Boys, St Andrews Hospital, elderly residents at the Old School House, the ONs rugby club, office workers and hundreds of local residents.

Parking bays will be scrapped and the Number 5 bus out of town re-routed.

The 60-page County Council cycle route draft, makes NO MENTION of what will happen to all the traffic going out of town along Billing Road.

This scheme will cause massive tailbacks and extra pollution from stationary cars, ambulances, vans and lorries while the two cycle lanes lie empty most of the day. Side roads like Loyd Road, Lutterworth Road, Barry Road, and Ardington Road will become clogged and add to the already-jammed Wellingborough Road.

Identical schemes in Sheffield, Ealing, Wandsworth, Portsmouth and Surrey caused traffic mayhem and have been scrapped. This must be scrapped too.

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This petition made change with 1,561 supporters!

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