Save North Yorkshire's Pupil Referral Service!

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"The Grove has a been a very important part of my education. I can't attend a normal school because of the severity of my autism and mental health problems. I had hardly any confidence in my abilities before I attended The Grove. The art teacher there got me my one and only GCSE. This made me realise that I could succeed!"

- Zoe, 17 year old former pupil of The Grove PRU.

What is the PRS?

The Pupil Referral Service (PRS) is made up of seven Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) across North Yorkshire. The PRS educates and supports a range of students with complex needs:

  • students with medical problems that prevent them from attending their 'mainstream' schools;
  • students awaiting a place at a special needs school;
  • students who have been, or are at risk of being, permanently excluded from their school for challenging behavior.

What's happening?

The PRS is under threat of closure - North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) are proposing cuts of up to 83% from April 2019! 

What will the effects be?

  • Many pupils with medical referrals (often mental health problems) will have no education provision.
  • If the PRUs manage to avoid complete closure, they will still lose most of their staff and all their decades of experience. The existing curriculum would be left in ruins.
  • Schools will have to take excluded pupils back, so there be an increase in disruption to mainstream classes.
  • If it is impossible for headteachers to exclude, and alternatives are not in place, schools will have to cope with all challenging behaviours.
  • It is very likely that there will be an increase in pupils 'missing from education', an increase in children being criminally exploited, and a worsening of the mental health crisis.

How do I object?

  1. Sign this petition!
  2. Attend a public consultation to tell NYCC how you feel!
  3. Tweet, email or Facebook your local MP.
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