Replace our school district's photographer!


Replace our school district's photographer!

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North Pocono School Board

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Started by Nick Yost

Dear North Pocono School Board and School Administrators,

School pictures are one of the most important memories for a family.  Our district's current school picture provider, Christmas City Studio, are turning these memories into a nightmare.  Parents throughout the district have reported pictures being lost, never mailed, receiving damaged pictures with no remediation, arrogant messages, and processing time measured by months. 

There has been no response or action by the school district, even though we are forced to use the company they select.  The school district has also not provided any transparency on the selection process.

As parents, we would like to know:

1. Who in the school district is selecting this company

2. The selection criteria being used

3. What other companies were considered and reasons they were not chosen

4. An open selection process each year inviting parents to give feedback.  This includes an annual survey to solicit feedback on the company used.

Finally, we would also like Christmas City Studio disqualified from any future business with our school district due to a pattern of losing pictures, poor shipping methods, long processing times, and substandard customer service.

Thank you for your consideration.



This petition made change with 304 supporters!

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