North Lincolnshire Council - You will listen to us, we will not be silenced !

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Previously any petition carrying the names of 1,500 local people earned the right to be presented and heard by a special meeting of North Lincolnshire Council, with all Councillors in attendance. The ruling Conservative party has now altered that figure to 6,400 before petitioners can democratically present their petition and speak in the council chamber, they want to silence their critics.

This petition is asking the council to overturn their decision to raise the figure to 6,400 and return it to 1,500 and therefore ensuring local people’s voices can be heard despite the Conservative Council’s desire to ignore their views.

Not only have they raised the figure by more than 400% the electoral register will now be used to verify all signatories.

Therefore anyone under the age of 18 will be disqualified, they don't want the young people in North Lincolnshire to have a voice.

Anyone working within the North Lincolnshire area but living just outside will be disqualified.

Anyone owning a business within North Lincolnshire but living outside will be disqualified.

Those born in North Lincolnshire but now living away will be disqualified.

You may be one of those who raised your concerns by signing my petition on the future of the Kingsway Golf Course or the recent petition from Cheryl Hassall trying to prevent building on Quibell Park Field, yet from now on such petitions would not warrant being presented to a full meeting of North Lincolnshire Council.

Despite passionate speeches from opposition councillors to halt these draconian measures, the Conservative Council pushed through their gagging exercise.

Please sign my petition to make them listen to our concerns.