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Switch from Wingham Police Service to OPP

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We the undersigned demand that North Huron Council make policing decisions based on what is best for the Community, and for the Police Officers currently tasked with protecting and serving our Community.

Presently Wingham has it's own small municipal police force, for the one square mile of Wingham. Due to the economies of scale, Wingham Police Service can not compete with the OPP based on cost per household. Many years ago it was believed that Wingham Police would be the cost effective solution for Wingham Tax Payers, the reality is they now cost 2X that of the OPP.

The OPP is an extremely well equipped force, capable of land and marine search and rescue, K9, Snowmobile patrols, and everything else police officers need to be effective and safe in their service to the Community. It simply isn't feasible to bring the Wingham Police Force up to par with the OPP for equipment, expertise or cost.

The OPP provide a gender and ethnically diverse force which is more capable of empathetically dealing with, and de-escalating situations.

Wingham Police Officers that switch to the OPP will have more career options, opportunities for advancement, job security, and have the increased safety due to the superior equipped and staffed OPP.

Please make North Huron policing decisions in public based on what is best for the future of our Community, and switch from Wingham Police to the superior equipped and cost effective OPP.

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