Save the donkeys and horse.

Save the donkeys and horse.

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Elizabeth mcinerney started this petition to North Down and Ards council

For over 30 years 5 fields have been unused and not maintained by the council.  My family have taken it upon ourselves to maintain these feilds, saving animals that have been caught and injured in the barbed wire fencing.  About 6 years ago a TB horse was placed in these fields and left to die.  We had complaints from walkers as they thought he was ours.  I found out who put him there and was then given ownership of the horse. His name is Kryton. He is 21 years old and the biggest gentle giant. 

10 years ago we rescued a small donkey (buddy) as my father had fallen in love with him.  As he was lonely we found a companion for him, Miss Molly.  She was in awful state, hooves had never been tended to and was standing knee deep in muck.  She was also pregnant.  We took her home and her and buddy got on great.  Around 10 months later on the 17th of September at 3am she gave birth to a beautiful brown foal...Marley.  nature again took its course and along came the baby Finlay. 

4 years on, along came Kryton. As he had already been in the fields we decided to let him stay there but give him company with our donkeys.  New gates, fences fixed and fields looked after. They are brought down every night where they have suitable shelter and open field. 

We started to notice people take great interest in the animals, asking to feed them, pet them, what the names were. 

Bags of carrots apples and other things where left on the gate for them.  Gifts have even been left for my parents and other animals.  The people that walk the lead mines now had a group of animals that happily welcomed a pet, a cuddle even a photograph moment!! 

As of the 1st of June, this will no longer happen.  The community of north down and ards that have walked the lane just to see these beautiful animals will no longer be able to do so.  North down and ards Council are having the animals removed from the fields so they can plant trees.  The walk way will cease to exist as a new pathway will be created. A more steep walk and only apple trees to look at. 

The lead mines are classed as a 'country park' making this the peoples land.  Would you rather walk around and see nature at its best, or simply look at trees that will most likely be eaten by all the wildlife? 

The grant being used for this could be used in many better ways. Clean up the path, put in bins for rubbish so the wildlife don't suffer from waste.  Benches for people to sit and rest at, maybe even toilet facilities. Make the leadmines a place more inviting.  It has a lot of history and if it was maintained and made more welcoming it would attract the right people.  

All we are asking is that we want to be able to keep our animals where they are and are prepared to, if needs be rent the ground. 

If you can take time to please help us by signing and sharing, not only my family but our animals will be eternally grateful. 

Protect the animals, protect their home! 

Protect nature!

Thank you.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!