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Petitioning Gordon Myers, Executive Director North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Stop spotlight hunting of coyotes in red wolf area

Fewer than 100 red wolves remain in the wild! The spotlight hunting of coyotes in the North Carolina red wolf area must stop immediately!

   In today's world a country is judged not only by how it treats its citizens, but by how it treats those without a voice - its animals, both domestic and wild. Yet in this day and age when we fully understand the importance, and consequences, of losing a species to extinction, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has approved nighttime spotlight hunting of coyotes throughout the state: a ruling which INCLUDES the area inhabited by the ONLY wild population of red wolves - one of the world's most endangered animals.

   Red wolves and coyotes bare a striking resemblance, making it difficult to tell them apart even in the daytime; during the nighttime hours this task is nearly impossible. To pass a ruling that permits hunting, especially during the hours of darkness, in the only area this endangered animal inhabits is thoughtless and unconscionable, and has already resulted in three red wolves being illegally shot and killed. This is unacceptable given the few that remain, and the legal protection they have under the federal Endangered Species Act.

   It is up to us. We must make North Carolina understand that we will not tolerate their irresponsible and incomprehensible position on endangered animals, and that the world will hold them accountable for each and every red wolf lost.

   Please sign this petition to save the red wolves. We are their last hope.

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