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North Carolina - Stop Prosecuting Patients: Make Medical Marijuana Legal(Put up, or Shut up)

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      Allow the legitamite use of Marijuana for medical purposes; to be able to grow and posses, legally, a natural herb deemed effective for the use of various medical conditions.*

US Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health(July 23, 2012)
CONCLUSION: "There is now clear evidence that cannabinoids(cannabis/marijuana) are useful in the treatment of various medical conditions." *


We, the people of North Carolina and the United States, hold that marijuana is both safe and effective medically. We hold that access to medical marijuana is a fundemental right protected under the US Constitution. We hold the state of North Carolina is in violation of the civil rights of its citizens for the following causes; 1. violation of civil rights whereas citizens are forced into self harm. 2. violation of civil rights through the disclusion of public processes. 3. violation of the fundemental right to LIFE.
We hold that the state of North Carolina is in mass violation of the US Constituion by the imprisoning thousands of non-violent medical marijuana users. Lastly, we hold we will not be subjugated, deterred, or defeated.


Please sign this petition and help us to restore our dignities, thank you.

By signing this petition you are also asking the state and local prosecutors involved in my case to ALLOW ME A TRIAL, or leave me alone and dismiss ALL charges. 


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