Penalties for false reporting child abuse in NC

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It is against the law to not report child abuse in almost every state of the United States but in only 29 states it is against the law to falsely report child abuse. North Carolina is not one of these 29 states. Basically that means someone can call DSS and make a claim on anyone and DSS then by law has to investigate. But what sucks is when someone uses this to harass you. I know because this has happened to me 4 times in the past year. DSS is not allowed to reveal who is the one reporting but I have a pretty good idea I know who it is. Every time a call is made DSS has to take it seriously which I am glad they do because I know there are cases out there that need to be investigated. In my case though there is absolutely no abuse or drug use going on at my house nor will there ever be. So now DSS is having to spend hours investigating me when they could spend that time with families that truly need it. Also, now I have to explain to my children what child abuse is and have a complete stranger ask my children questions they should never be asked. Not to mention I now have a file with DSS that I should never have and a tarnish to my name. So yes, the law needs to change where it is illegal to falsely report child abuse in ALL states and people should face penalties and jail time. Please help me make this much needed change in the law. My family is looking into moving to a new state where we are better protected from the person harassing us but would rather not uproot everyone if we can help it.