Raise the Notary Fee to $10 per signature and allow for Ancillary Charges.

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NC Notaries provide a very important service to North Carolinians. We help to prevent fraud and forgery by identifying signers and validating the signature on a document. We place our seals on many documents such as Vehicle Titles, Court Petitions and Affidavits, Real Estate documents, Power of Attorneys, Wills, etc. For several years we have provided this service at the same rate per signature and without the possibility of charging for ancillary charges, all while the cost of living and doing business has risen over the years. North Carolina notaries deserve a raise of the notary fees to $10.00 per signature and the ability to charge ancillary fees.
This would benefit the citizens of North Carolina in many ways: It would make notaries more available to our seniors and shut-ins (those who are not able to leave their residence to go to the notary, bank or UPS) and those whose jobs require that they stay on site during their shifts, such as medical personnel. Some simply have a difficult time making it to these locations because their work schedule makes it challenging for them to make it to the bank or UPS before closing. The mobile notary would request a travel fee agreed upon prior to the meeting with the signer and would then travel to the signer to assist in their transaction. In the case of those who cannot make local bank or UPS hours, the notary then could request an after-hours fee agreed upon prior to the meeting. Currently, 17 other states or territories allow notaries to charge $10 and up per signature or they do not have a fee structure at all. In addition, many other states and territories allow some form of travel and ancillary fees. So I'm calling on Governor Cooper, Secretary Marshall, and the North Carolina General Assembly to make this change to G.S. Chapter 10B. Help make N.C. notaries become the best among the country.