Preserve Master's pay for future generations of NC teachers.

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Preserve Master's pay for future generations of NC teachers.

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NC teacher's have had their salaries frozen for 5 years, and budgets proposed by both legislative chambers intend to keep this going for another 2 years. With rising food and fuel prices along with teachers who purchase classroom materials from their own pockets this has put an economic strain on our families and ourselves. One way teachers have been able to increase their wages is through pursuing advanced degrees. This has had the added benefit of making teachers better practitioners in their classrooms. Some teachers have even taken student loans to fund their pursuit of additional pay and educational growth.

Now both chambers of the NC legislature have declared that any teacher who has not achieved this by 2014 is not worthy of additional compensation. This is a particular slap in the face to all NC educators who are in the middle of a master's program and cannot complete it by this arbitrary deadline.

I am asking both legislative chambers to strike down this provision when the budget goes to reconcilation, and barring that for Gov. McCrory to veto said legislation if it contains this draconian provision.

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