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Pass a Bill to Stop Fracking Plans in NC

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                                        Stop Fracking Now

Fracking is an unnatural, and dangerous way to harvest energy. There are renewable energy sources that we should invest more time, much safer and cleaner to use. With fracking, highly toxic chemicals are used in the fracking process, and can leak into aquifers.

In Dimock, PA, there were 11 contaminated water wells, chemicals such as benzene and methane were in drinking water. There has been air pollution as well, endangering wildlife, the workers on site, and residents nearby. The same chemicals are in the air, that were in the drinking water. These chemicals can cause lung disease, as well as highly toxic. Methane is also 15x better at trapping heat into our atmosphere than carbon dioxide, thus making methane more lethal than carbon dioxide.

Earthquakes have been a factor for quite some time now, and are mainly caused when frack fluid are pumped into the ground. When you pump fluid into the fault, it makes slippery, causing an earthquake of any magnitude depending on the case. North Carolina needs to not invest in short time relief, but think about the future generations and families, and what life will be like if they have contaminated drinking water. The phrase "I can't drink money," is very accurate, short time financial relief is not what we need. There should a long process before deciding about fracking, we need other, safer ways to harvest energy. I am here to ask North Carolina representatives that you pass a bill outlawing fracking in any part of our state. Is short term financial relief worth risking the lives of families? Thank you for reading. 

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