Justice for Melissa Sue Platt

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Update: Please be advised any money donated to change.org for this petition goes directly to change.org and not my family. Many people have brought this to my attention. My family has a fundraiser for a private investigator on GoFundMe titled Justice for Melissa Platt. 

In October 2008, Melissa Platt was severely beaten and left wrapped in a blanket on a bed for 6 days with no medical attention. Melissa was found in this state on October 8 at her home only due to a welfare check her mother, Marian Mims, called in. She was life-flighted to Pitt County Memorial where she underwent an immediate craniotomy. The first responders included in their report this was the worst thing they'd ever seen. She was naked from the waist down, was only in a shirt, and wrapped up in a blanket. She was laying in her own urine and feces. The pictures taken of her when she was first admitted to the hospital are horrifying. She was bruised from head to toe, with bruises of varying age so some in the healing process, and some new. She had black eyes, jaw broken on both sides, brain bleed, blood clot, and a 2x5 deep bruising mark on her neck.She was in the ICU for 9 weeks and passed away from her injuries on December 17, 2008. Her boyfriend claimed the injuries were a result of her falling in the bathroom, however, the doctors said there was no way she could've sustained her injuries from a fall he described. The doctors also found she had old head injuries when they performed the craniotomy. Melissa was asked what happened to her, and when she was able to talk she to her family he dragged her out of the house by her neck, tore off her shirt, threw her in the bushes and hit her over the head with something hard.In January 2009, Melissa's mother, Marian, sent a letter to District Attorney Vickory and an investigation was initiated. Marian was told she would be informed when the investigation concluded and a decision was made, but they never contacted her. Marian had to call numerous times before she was finally able to speak to someone in District Attorney Vickory's office. The person told Marian Melissa's boyfriend wouldn't be charged. Marian insisted upon speaking to Vickory and only when she stated she would contact the Attorney General did he call her back. He'd her even though he believed her boyfriend did this to her, he didn't feel he had enough evidence to bring charges.My family would be eternally grateful for any assistance you can provide so we can hire a PI. I'm happy to provide proof of hiring one and their findings. We want to hire someone that cmwill treat her case with the care like it should have been from the start. My family has been heart broken and lost for 12 years now. Melissa's father passed away from lung cancer in 2010 so never got a chance to see justice for her. We are asking any North Carolina officials that have the power to do so reopen Melissa's case and properly investigate it. We also want her case brought to trial with all the evidence available.