Support an independent commission to draw legislative districts

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According to the Charlotte Post:

"A proposed bill would establish an independent commission to draw North Carolina’s legislative districts.

State Sen. Jeff Jackson, a Democrat, and Rep. Charles Jeter, a Republican, will co-sponsor legislation that would establish a nonpartisan redistricting plan starting in 2020. They plan to introduce the bill when the General Assembly convenes on Jan. 14...

State law allows the General Assembly to draw legislative maps – usually with partisan implications where the party in control protecting its electoral control through gerrymandered districts. Twenty-one states use nonpartisan or bipartisan redistricting commissions. None of them are in the Southeast."

Why is this legislation important?

  • Redrawn maps (in NC) resulted in lopsided victories in the 2012 election: "A tally of ballots cast in congressional races across North Carolina in 2012 shows Democrats edging out Republicans overall, 51-49 percent. Yet the GOP picked up three congressional seats..." - Source
  • In 2013, the New York Times referred to the most recent redistricting as The Great Gerrymander of 2012*
  • In 2010, PJ Media rated two districts in North Carolina in their top ten of gerrymandered districts (out of 435 total)
  • In 2011, voters and voter's rights groups in NC challenged the redrawn lines in the state's Supreme Court, ultimately losing. This battle was costly to defend, and to fight, and caused division within the political ranks in NC

*Gerrymandering is defined as the manipulation of electoral boundaries of so as to favor one party or class.

Why support this legislation?

Supporting this legislation means supporting a government that is transparent, accountable, responsible, and balanced.

Being the first state in the Southeast to support it means that North Carolinians want to be governed with a common sense approach.

Your support of this legislation means:

  • A voter's voice matters - whether they show up to vote in every election or chose to stay at home because they didn't "like the candidates"

and that

  • A voter's vote counts and won't be legislated by few and decided by even fewer

Support State Sen Jeff Jackson and Rep Charles Jeter's bi-partisan legislation and voter's right to free and fair elections in North Carolina.

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