Allow Nursing Students to graduate despite clinical hours

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Nursing student across the state are lacking needed clinical hours to graduate. Due to COVID-19, we are no longer allowed on campus for simulations or in Hospitals for acute care rotations. 
If the Board of Nursing would change their required hours to allow us to go forth and test for NCLEX so long as we academically pass, we could join the workforce to help fight this pandemic. 
Most of these students are only a few clinicals always from already meeting the states requirements. We have been in clinicals all semester until they were shut down by COvID19. We’ve been practicing in hospital settings for over a year, we are familiar. 
Our current healthcare workers will become exhausted. We are only at the beginning of this pandemic in the U.S. They will need relief. RN & LPN students across the state are willing to help them and our communities! Help us!


Please! Contact Governor Roy Cooper to raise awareness of this issue as well! Nursing students must contact him individually to get our point across!

North Carolina Office of the Governor               20301 Mail Service Center  Raleigh NC 27699-0301

(919) 814-2000