Grant Daniel Green a New Trial or Freedom

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My name is Ryan Ferguson and I was wrongfully incarcerated for nearly 10 years (to learn more about my wrongful conviction story visit or do a simple Google search). Since being released I have spoken out on behalf of those I know, via documented facts, are innocent, including Kalvin Michael Smith, Amanda Knox, Mario Casciaro, and Mark Woodworth.

Now, I ask that you join me in helping Daniel Green, a man who has spent over 20 years of his life incarcerated for a murder he didn’t commit.

Your signature can help save Daniel from possibly spending the rest of his life in prison.

Why do I believe he is innocent?

First, some context. In 1993, Michael Jordan retired from basketball. He’d go on to return to play basketball but ever since this first retirement, people have wondered, why? He seemed to be in the prime of his career, so many, the media, and public at large, couldn’t believe that he would exit. It was also during this time, that the NBA was investigating Michael for his reported gambling debts.

These theories only expanded because some started to tie Michael Jordan to his father’s death. His father, James Jordan was murdered on July 23, 1993 in North Carolina. This murder occurred only 2.5 months before Michael retired.

James Jordan was Michael's best friend and confidant. Unsubstantiated reports began asking if James Jordan was murdered by somebody carrying out retribution for Michael's gambling debt. The allegations were not just unfounded but insensitive, reckless, and malicious. Michael had just lost his father, and as he said, people were pouring salt on an open wound. It was, to say the least, disturbing to see some in the media do this to him.

However, something awful has happened in addition to the tragedy of James Jordan’s murder. One of the two men who were convicted for killing Michael’s father, Daniel Green, is innocent.

If you’re interested in the story of Michael Jordan or whatever else is out there about him being connected to this, you will not find that here. Based on the evidence, these theories are flat out wrong and will not be repeated.

I am here to ask you to join me in seeking Daniel Green’s freedom by signing this petition and reaching out to the North Carolina Attorney General, Josh Stein.

Mr. Green has now been incarcerated for this murder for 25 years, arrested at 18 years old and now 43. He's admitted to helping his friend Larry commit an unrelated robbery weeks before the murder. He has also been forthright about helping his friend dispose of the victim’s body, although Daniel had no idea who the victim was and understood from Larry that Larry killed the victim in self-defense.

I have personally struggled with these facts and want to make it clear that I am not overlooking the reality that Daniel helped to dispose of a body. At the time, and from the best I can tell though, this crime would have resulted in an approximate 3 year sentence.

But, with regards to the murder of Mr. James Jordan, Daniel Green wasn’t even there when the murder happened. He was at a friend’s home. There are multiple people that have said this to be true. There is also no DNA evidence, no physical evidence, and other than Larry Demery, who was motivated to testify by a plea offer, nobody that says Daniel Green was there.

So how did all of this all go wrong?

Mr. Green Daniel's constitutional rights were violated during the trial. Simply put, his lawyer did not present the proper evidence and witnesses to prove his innocence. But how does a jury of our peers still get misled into finding an incorrect conclusion? There was an avalanche of manipulation perpetrated by the local sheriff and the State. This has been uncovered in the years since the trial.


To better understand this tragedy, on so many levels, I encourage you to research the case just as I have. You can also listen to the podcast “What Really Happened? Special Episode: The Trial of Daniel Green" (link below) from an objective documentarian who has concluded what I have.

I ask you, please sign this petition and play a part in helping the Jordan family find justice and truth in regards to the sole person responsible for this murder, Larry Demery and if nothing else, for Daniel Green and his family.

What Really Happened? The Trial of Daniel Green: 

Please watch this video: