Stop Convenience Killing Homeless Pets In North Augusta, SC

Stop Convenience Killing Homeless Pets In North Augusta, SC

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Friends of North Augusta Animals would like to petition the City of North Augusta to improve animal welfare services and initiate best practices for the homeless dogs and cats in our city. 

While many surrounding cities have adopted the no-kill philosophy, North Augusta, SC remains a kill facility.  The city has a single animal control officer who has other significant city service responsibilities.  The city will NOT allow a volunteer program in the shelter insisting it is only a holding facility.  The city; however, is only holding the animals there for death unless rescue groups and concerned citizens can work a miracle to find placement for dogs in 3 days without knowing the health or temperament of the dog(s).

Animals held by the city are NOT given veterinary care outside of city contracted euthanasia.  The city will NOT allow volunteers to assist in caring for, socializing, or even photographing the dogs at the facility.  The facility can ONLY be visited by appointment.  

The ACO is left to decide which animals are adoptable and which are not based on his limited interaction with them at the shelter.  Dogs are held for the mandated 5 day stray hold period.  The dogs are then given 72 hours to find a rescue and then scheduled to be killed despite having ample kennel space available at the facility.

Please sign this petition so that we can help the dogs and cats of North Augusta by:

1)  Providing veterinary health services including vaccinations, heartworm tests, and an exam to determine needed further medical care for sick/injured pets

2)  End the practice of euthanasia after the stray hold and 72 hour period

3) Establish relationships with local no-kill shelters and rescues to assist when the North Augusta shelter is at capacity

4)  Promote spay/neuter and responsible pet ownership through a spay and neuter voucher program and pet registration system

5)  Transparency for the citizens of North Augusta regarding animal welfare practices including better communication with rescue groups, documentation of intake, adoption, transfer to rescue, and euthanasia

6)  Permit an onsite volunteer program to improve the quality of life of the dogs and cats at the city shelter and lessen the burden of the only animal control officer.

Steps already taken:

1)  Concerned citizens, non profit organization, and rescue groups have discussed the need for change with the city administrator 

2)  Presented city council with steps to take to move away from convenience killing at the city shelter and move towards becoming a no kill shelter

3)  Circulated a paper petition to raise awareness and educate the public.

For more information about what we are doing to help or to get involved visit our fb page:

To contact the city council or city administrator directly you can call 803-441-4202 or email:


Robert Pettit,

City Council Members:

James Adams,

J. Robert Brooks,

Pat Carpenter,

Kenneth McDowell,

Fletcher Dickert,

David McGhee,

City Administrator:

Todd Glover,

Saving one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog the world will be forever!  Help us save as many as possible in the City of North Augusta!