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Stricter laws against right whale deaths

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      The Right Whale is one of the most endangered species of all whales. With only two more types left, its ensured that they will become extinct soon. The Right Whale helps balance the ecosystem. Without them, the ecosystem has less predators and more krill and zooplankton.  It also helps biologists because many people do not know that much information about the Right Whale and scientists are constantly finding more about them. Right whales are a vital piece in the ecosystem and without them there are many things that can go wrong. The main causes of their deaths are ship collisions, fishing nets, and climate change. My peers and I are trying to get stricter laws against fishing equipment. Another way we can help is to try and control climate change, since that is another rising threat to the whales. The whales stay close to shore,  causing many ships to collide causing death. One way we can prevent this is to make ships be farther away from each other and check their surroundings before moving. As you can see, the Right Whales are very important and together, we need to try and get their population up in order for them to not become extinct. 

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