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To stop the animal cruelty

You let men run wild on the streets killing every dog they see for $25-70 a tail. You never know who loved that dog, who it belonged to and who's going to miss them. You claim its to keep kids safe from the dogs, but when I walk down a road and interact with a group of strays, they're nothing but big softies that want kisses and love. I see kids throwing rocks and kicking dogs before the dog would even notice them. You want to protect your people? Protect them from themselves. I don't see dogs breaking and entering houses, beating up people, vandalizing.. they're just trying to protect themselves. I know dogs aren't crazy rabid creatures because I even encountered a dog that had rabies and he never bit or tried to attack me. You let it happen because they don't have a voice, and that's why I'm here. I'm their voice. I want you to open an animal shelter where stray dogs can go, I'll even work there myself and take care of the dogs. If you really want all dogs off the street, at least give them a home, give them a chance to be loved again. Not all those dogs were strays, some may have been abused, malnourished or abandoned and now they're trying to find a better life. And you decide, hey, let's go kill some dogs. Let's pretend since they don't have a car or a house or a job, that means they don't have a family and it makes them expendable. I'm not asking you to stop it. I'm telling you to. And to most people this might look stupid, and you think "whats the use, they're just animals" but they're not just that. They have feelings, and thoughts and likes/dislikes. They love people, and they hate people. They had families. To me, and every other animal lover when you say "its just a dog" that sounds just as ridicolous as saying "its just a baby, you can have another one". Please, help me with this. My fellow community members. If your daughter or son was run over or accidently killed and all they told you was to "move on" and "get over it" would you? Or you would get up and do something about it. I'm tired of sitting at home, being too afraid to tie up my dogs outside because they'll get loose and get killed? I lost two of my dogs already, and they were beautiful dogs. They're the reason I'm doing this, so me and every other dog owner on this island doesn't have to go through that. Because to us, our dogs are our babies or best friends or motherly/father figures because we had no one else. And that thing you love is taken from you and HE GETS PAID TO TAKE IT FROM YOU, I'm not going to sit there and hope someone will end it, I'm going to end it. And I need your help. Meegwetch. 

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