Close Crossing Intersection Hwy 11 / South Mary Lake Road & Stephenson Road 4

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I am asking for your assistance in advocating the Ministry of Ontario to close the crossing of the intersection at Highway 11 / South Mary Lake Road & Stephenson Road 4 immediately.  This intersection is notorious for numerous Motor Vehicle accidents and it's time to stop discussing the issues and put words into action.   The situation could easily & inexpensively fixed by placing barricades across the intersection so vehicles can no longer cross at this intersection.  This would significantly stop the number of accidents at this location without extensive cost to the tax payer.    People would just have to learn to use the overpass at Hwy 141 & Hwy 11. It is extremely upsetting every single time I hear that someone has endured the same life changing collision at this intersection as I did and now most recently the fatality in December 2019.

I requested information from the Ministry of Transportation under the Freedom of Information Act  in November 2019 and was notified in writing that:  "there were 21 reported collisions at the intersection of Hwy 11/ South Mary Lake Road / Stevenson Road 4 from 2007 to 2017.  A total of 43 vehicles were involved in collisions that were reported to the Ministry."    Further research shows that the MTO report does not include the copious amounts of near misses at this intersection.  It also does not include OPP traffic reports when vehicles received damages under $2000, or when there were no personal injury at the scene.

The collisions that occur at this intersection are not from vehicles merging off the Hwy into Port Sydney or when vehicles are merging back onto the Hwy to go Northbound but those CROSSING the highway to go Southbound.  It is extremely difficult for cars stopped at the stop sign on South Mary Lake Road to see cars in the passing lane.  Everyone in Port Sydney/Huntsville and the surrounding area is aware of the dangers of this intersection, so was I,  but it didn't help me that fateful day when I was driving home from Bracebridge and someone pulled out in front of my car.  

It is time for us to gather as a community and stand up to the Ministry of Ontario  and demand that they close this intersection before anyone else gets seriously hurt or killed.  Please help me do this! Thank you for your time if you wish to contact me to discuss this matter please do so by email  Thank you