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Tell Nordic Mining to drop lawsuit against peaceful activists

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During 3 weeks in February, 80 protesters peacefully occupied machinery to prevent drilling on top of a mountain which could become a open-pit mine. They were trying to get the Norwegian government to stop the controversial mine project, which plans to dump more than 250 million tonnes of waste and chemicals in the nearby Førde fjord. The fjord is a national wild salmon sanctuary, spawning ground for a number of endangered species and an endless supplier of food and sustainable jobs.

The mining company has now announced that they will file a multi-million lawsuit against the peaceful activists. 

Among the protesters were young and old people, members from the local community and environmental activists from across Norway. One of the activists now being threatened with a lawsuit is 16-year-old Alberte. Another one is 32-year-old Ørjan from the local village of Vevring, which will feel the effects of the mine first hand.

Alberte, Ørjan and the other protesters acted out of their own personal conviction. Breaking the law, getting arrested and being fined with 1000 euros was a small price to pay, if it could stop environmental destruction on such a large scale. These peaceful, nonviolent direct actions was a last resort. For years’ activists have attended public meetings, signed petitions, written public hearing responses, read scientific reports, filed appeals, organized rallies and met with their elected politicians.

These are the people Nordic Mining wants to sue. We feel this is totally unfair. The company says that they have to take the consequences for their actions. But Nordic Mining’s business is to make money, not safeguard the planet for generations to come. And so when the Norwegian government ignored respected marine scientists and their own environmental experts, these brave activists acted as the real custodians of our future. They join ranks with the likes of ‘No Dash for Gas’, Heathrow 13 and other activists standing up for our collective future.

The democracies we know today did not happen by accident. They were fought for. Civil disobedience played an important role in that evolution. It’s a safety valve in our democratic systems, used to call out illegitimate decisions. We fear a future where corporate power and threats of lawsuits could dictate the future of our democracies.

We support Alberte, Ørjan and the rest of the activist and admire their courage. Please sign this petition and tell Nordic Mining to drop this unprecedented legal assault.

Thank you from Mari Boine, Kjell M. Derås and Per Flatberg

Mari Boine is an internationally renowned singer and musician. As a member of the Sami community, Norway’s Indigenous people, she has always been a keen protector of nature and indigenous rights.

Kjel M. Derås and Per Flatberg were both part of the largest civil disobedience actions Norway has ever seen. In January 1981 more than 800 people broke the law to stop the construction of a mega dam that would have severe consequences for the local environment and for Norway’s indigenous people - the Sami people.

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