Increase bins and anti-litter signage on beach entrances in Noosa

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Marine debris is human-created waste that that ends up in our oceans and waterways as a result of both intentional and accidental littering. The Australian Department of Environment and Energy reported that more than 77 species of marine wildlife were impacted by ingesting or becoming tangled in plastic debris in Australian water alone between 1974 and 2008. This included:

  • six species of marine turtles,
  • 12 species of cetaceans,
  • at least 34 species of seabirds,
  • dugongs,
  • six species of pinnipeds,
  • at least 10 species of sharks and rays, and
  • at least eight other species groups. 

Anti-littering signage combined with the provision of bins has shown to be an effective strategy in influencing littering behaviour. This petition proposes bins should be placed at more beach entrance/exits along with anti-littering signage. Signage should clearly request that rubbish be collected and placed in the bins provided. Main beach entrances should include a map that clearly highlights which entrances/exits provide beachgoers with a bin.