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The nomination of Professor Noam Chomsky for a Nobel Peace Prize is long over-due. Noam Chomsky has been a leading voice for geo-political accountability and a tireless international critic of the pursuit of Empire for almost half a century. He has been a hero to college students and peace-minded individuals everywhere since 1967 when he published his courageous essay, "The Responsibility of Intellectuals", a criticism of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. He later co-wrote the ground-breaking book, Manufacturing Consent, a game-changer in exposing the strategies of propaganda to undermine the accessibility of facts in the age of information.

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Attention: Judge Peter Tomka President Judge Peter Tomka of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)
Attention: Geir Lundestad/Director cc: sent to Judge Peter Trumka (ICJ) Norwegian Nobel Committee
It's time to nominate Noam Chomsky for a Nobel Peace Prize!

The world is spiraling into chaos one fragile region after another while leaders around the globe debate the necessity, or moral imperative of war. But citizens of every nation, brought together by international and social media, have had enough.

This is the age of information, we no longer need to blindly heed the word of leaders who seek only to forward the geo-political agendas of their campaign donors. We no longer believe we must consent to war to solve our international disagreements...especially when it is we tax-payers who end up sacrificing physically, spiritually and financially for those wars.

We live in a world with a camera in every corner of the globe now. We can see for ourselves that violence is not the answer.

Citizens around the world want Peace. We want Change. We want Truth. We want Economic Justice and Social Equality to create a fertile soil where Peace can grow.

We want someone who has lived a life of speaking truth to power to be the face of that change.

We want to nominate Professor Noam Chomsky for a Nobel Peace Prize because he has never faltered in his responsibility as an intellectual to share his knowledge and insight to help create a world that no longer accepts the spread of Empire and totalitarianism as the norm.