Nob Hill Road Plantation Florida Safety Improvements


Nob Hill Road Plantation Florida Safety Improvements

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While there are a number of roads in the City of Plantation or just Florida in general that could be described as dangerous. This particular petition is being created for a road called North Nob Hill Road; a road that has seen its fair share of dangerous drivers, lack of law enforcement activity and just all together poor design when it comes down to safety for homes alongside the road.



One evening in 2015 we experienced just how devastating a vehicle crash could be when a driver hiding a medical condition from the state passed out behind the wheel of a GMC Yukon. The vehicle quickly gained in acceleration while approaching a small intersection. The driver, who was believed to be unconscious due to his “hidden” medical condition, began to enter the wrong way of traffic entering the swell behind the homes on Nob Hill Road causing him to plow into a backyard and continuing on into another homes’ backyard (ours) slamming into fences, trees, slicing an above ground hot tub in half, continuing into the home cutting right through a concrete wall, exiting the home and entering into the next neighbors backyard, plowing through another above ground hot tub twice the size of the first one and pinning it into the house.



At the time it was safe to say that it was a freak “accident” that luckily caused no injuries because the room that was hit had been occupied moments before.

An entire year of fighting our own insurance company for repair that caused the house to be red tagged “an unsafe structure”, we wanted the city to just do something to prevent this from happening again. The response from the city was “what are the odds of it happening again” and no action was ever taken.



The second crash happened months after the repairs from 2015 into late 2016. A rainy night in 2017 at 4am we woke to the sound of a car losing control. Remembering being able to think “please don’t hit the house” seconds after the sound of another explosion and the feeling of a shockwave in the house. Another crash into the side of our house. Quickly moving to the end of the house that was hit, we were met with multiple male occupants bailing from the vehicle.



They ran from the crash leaving a totaled car behind that began to smoke creating the risk of a fire along with a trail of blood from one of the suspects. Law enforcement responded and was unable to locate anyone. Finding out that the vehicle with what I believe was expired tags was also not insured. Weeks later someone came forward admitting being the driver. The police took no action on them for the hit and run returning their property (including a phone left behind) and then totaled car.



After two (2) cars hitting the same house or location that has homes, one would think the City would want to look into the situation and find a solution that would or could prevent the risk of another vehicle crash into a home. Unfortunately, the matter was blown off.

Way down the road a guard rail was installed, and one would think it would go behind the homes. It was instead installed in the center island of the roadway providing zero protection to the homes.



This should be where it ends with two (2) crashes and poor design of a guard rail, but it unfortunately is not. In 2021 at 2am, there was another sound of an explosion out on the main road. Walking into the other and being met with an SUV stuck inside a tree in our backyard. Crash (3).

As of today, the city still ignores the situation with crashes at this location. A news article was done about the situation in hopes they would take action and start improving road conditions, not just here but throughout the city, however that has never happened.



The goal of this petition is yes, to have action taken by the city/county to improve the safety of the homes at my location, but to also demand that the city takes traffic conditions and safety much more seriously thought the city and possibly creating a safety board to oversee residents and guests concerns and not allow others to be ignored as we have been for last eight (8) years and three (3) crashes.



No one should live with the constant and realistic fear of any moment a car or truck could plow through your wall and into you and your family. It’s not a matter of if another crash happens, it’s a matter of when.

Nob Hill Road Crashes including the ones we have experienced:


This petition made change with 45 supporters!

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