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Approved by the SNP, Scottish Government, Scottish Ministers and Reporter Mr David Russell on 10th March 2017.

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Our cause is to protect people and animals, whose health is threaten by the aerodynamic modulation low frequency noise which industrial wind turbines make.

If you pay electricity bills, this will be of concern to you because you are paying for the erected wind turbines on this map and across all the UK. Every wind turbine you see is being paid for by all of us through our energy bills.

The local authorities have twice unanimously refused this wind farm, and recently, for the third time refused all but one Condition (37).  The local people agree with Fife Council that this is a bad application for this area when 97 homes will be only 1km from the turbines - some only 300 meters.

The Scottish Ministers/Reporter approved this application on 4th October 2013 on the understanding that 40 Conditions would be completed before any construction work was started. There have been multiple applications submitted by 2020 Renewables and St Andrews University and now they have another 3 years to put in more submissions. This is a cruel way to treat the local people who cannot sell their homes and escape, when the prospect of these giant wind turbines are threatening their environment and health.


NOW '2020 Renewables' and 'St Andrew's University' (Kenly Wind Farm) have two new appeals with the Scottish Ministers, with a target date of 26th January, 2017 if anyone has time to object. The Scottish Government has consistently ignored the objections from hundreds of local people, county councils and Fife Council for over a decade. We have all made it clear that we are not willing to host this health threatening, unproductive and exorbitant green project. If this was a commercial company they would have been categorically refused over 11 years ago.


Erection Of 6 Wind Turbines (100M To Tip) And Ancillary Development Including Control Building, Construction Of Access Roads, Upgrading Of Existing Access Road And Temporary Construction Compound (Section 42 Application To Vary Planning Conditions 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 37 And 38)

Installation Of Underground Electricity Cable (15.4Km), Erection Of A Substation Building, Transformer And A 2M High Fence (Associated With Kenly Wind Farm 11/02799/Eia)


It is obvious that the parties involved in this development are trying by various methods and tactics to circumnavigate the rules of central and local Government. Central Government is stopping all subsidies for onshore wind farms and this project seems to be being recklessly forced through approvals inside the deadlines. The rules under the present Government are for the local populations to have the final say in any development, including wind farms.

Now the developers want to skip over many of the important 40 Conditions and begin work when they do not currently have permission to do so.

This wind farm would only benefit the wind developers as they have said any electricity produced is "for their use only". This project is extremely unlikely to ever produce enough electricity to feed back into the National Grid.

If Fife Council or the Scottish Ministers allow the developers to go ahead, everyone in the UK will see their energy bills increase again, as we will all be paying these developers £2.7MILLION for the wind turbines per year for the next 20 years - which would be in excess of £54MILLION. Plus, we are already paying them £5.4MILLION + per year for their biomass burning wood for energy project which involves deforestation and, harming wildlife and destroying habitats.

As it is now, all but the wealthiest people in the UK are impoverished from the exorbitant increases in our energy bills due to being forced to pay subsidies for inefficient wind turbines. Can we really afford to hand over so much of our money for wind turbines that contribute very little to the UK's energy needs?

Nearby there is a designated 'Area of Scientific Interest'. Living around this location, in derelict buildings and Kippo Wood are many rare protected bats which are reliant on these quiet wild environments for feeding and roosting. Millions of bats and birds will die if these turbines are allowed. There are also protected red squirrels, newts, badgers and other important species. All these animals will be endangered trying to escape the noise produced during construction and operation and there are no nearby suitable habitats for them.

There are also trees with preservation orders which are supposed to protect them and they would be destroyed due to the underground electric cables proposed. None of these habitats have been professionally surveyed by independent creditable experts.

If that was not enough to invalidate this application, there are hundreds of people living in 97 homes within the 2 km setback for health (established by Scottish Government). If we include the villages of Kingsbarns, Boarhills and Dunino it amounts to well over 871 people within a 3.5km radius.

Many families would be under 1km away and some as close as 300 meters from the turbines.

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