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No way Will I Tolerate Seal Clubbing in Norway!

Seal clubbing is brutal, inhumane, and unnecessary. Why kill a baby seal when you could have faux fur? If seals are killed for food by , then it is okay, but if it is for comercial enter price or 'sport', it is wrong. Let indigenous people kill seals.The following was pasted off of SOS: Save Our Seals! An epidemic that has been around for decades, seal clubbing, must be stopped!  I wrote a report on this once for seventh grade, and ever since I started researching it, I discovered things I never knew about seal clubbing.  I feel like letting whoever is reading this know what is going on in our world.  In Canada, where most of the sealing takes place, it is a LEGAL SPORT to club seals.  The seal pups are clubbed for their fur.  Namibia, Norway, Greenland, and Russia also club seals for money and for sport.


The innocent, baby seal pups are clubbed to death usually on the head with a large pole with a sickle-like blade on the top.  Usually more than one hit is required to kill a seal pup, hence the seal’s suffering.  The animals are dragged to a boat, dead or alive, where they will be skinned.  The remainder of the seal body is either thrown back onto the ice or in the water, since there is not much humane use for a dead seal other than its fur.


The European Union has realized the immorality of these animal cruelty acts and has made a stand against seal clubbing.  They have banned all imports of seal fur trade.  They simply substituted it with faux fur, which requires no harm to any animal.  By doing this, seal fur demand has decreased, allowing less seals to be clubbed.

Celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Pamela Anderson, and others have gone against sealing and have done what they can to help.

To see what it looks like at a site after the seals have been clubbed, click hereor here.


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