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Aqua of North Carolina is requesting a 20.4 % Water Rate increase from the N.C. Utilities Commission. Aqua raised rates in 2009 by 12.9 %.

Private water utility companies are known as "rate case machines," and Aqua stands out among them as the best in the business, said Angie Storozynski, a utilities analyst with the Macquarie Research firm in New York.

Aqua America, the Pennsylvania parent of Aqua North Carolina, is the nation's second largest private water utility. It is known for aggressively pursuing acquisitions of small water systems, and then putting money into infrastructure improvements, a practice that depends on "almost continuous rate filings," Storozynski wrote in a recent analysis.

Letter to
N.C. Utilities Commission Consumer Complaints
Current customers of Aqua North Carolina Inc, along with other interested parties, are voicing our collective opposition to the Aqua North Carolina Inc. requested rate increase in docket W-218-319.

It is our belief that a rate increase of 20.35% for Aqua Water is excessive. Aqua admits it has failed to achieve the profit levels it has requested in it's last two rate requests. One of the reasons for the latest rate increase is stated as "Declining Consumption per Customer".

North Carolina customers should not be penalized for being good citizens and conserving our precious water supply.

We hereby petition the North Carolina Utility Commission to deny Docket W-218-319 and further we would ask that rates be reduced for those customers that exhibit water conservation on a quarterly basis.

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