Petition Closed

Walmart is once again trying to make it in the Big Apple, this time with a media blitz touting all the ways New Yorkers could benefit from having Walmart stores in the city. Not all of us are buying it. Walmart may bring low prices and jobs, but they can also hurt small businesses, slow the progress of alternative food markets like CSAs and farmers markets, and bring only low-paying jobs mostly without benefits.

Community groups and citizens have closed New York City to Walmart before, and we can do it again. If you can’t make it to the the City Council hearing (February 3, 1:00 PM at Emigrant Savings Bank, 49-51 Chambers Street), please submit your testimony and tell the Council you do not want a Walmart in New York City.

Letter to
City Council Staffer Matt Hickey
I am opposed to Walmart opening any stores within New York City. While it’s true that we need more access to affordable food in our city and that the store would bring jobs and tax revenue, I believe all of this would come at too high a cost.

Cheap food from exploited farmers and mass-produced processed food is not the answer to our hunger issues. The city, state and numerous food organizations are working on better solutions that give dignity to food workers everywhere, protect our environment, and feed our local foodshed. Opening the doors to Walmart could sabotage these valuable initiatives.

Walmart will put New Yorkers to work, but the company has a history of low wages, few benefits, and a strict anti-union stance. Walmart also has the potential to threaten New York City’s small businesses.

Please count me among the many New Yorkers who do not want a Walmart in our city.