No Trump Pardons

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It's becoming increasingly clear that the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, is losing his grip on reality, and that there is mounting pressure for him to resign under a darkening cloud of criminal activity from himself, his campaign staff, and family. Law enforcement has likened Trump to a 'Cosa Nostra Mob Boss', demanding loyalty to him and whatever unhinged whims he may have on any given day. Driven by greed, his entire cabinet continues to break new precedent as it loots America and the World.

This is modern day piracy, and it's despotic leader happens to be in control of the most powerful country on Earth.

As Robert Mueller's investigations go further, the American people deserve transparency, oversight, and ultimately, justice.

This petition comes from a father on Father's Day as a wish to help heal our once great nation, and bring it back from the brink of the horror that has been the 'Trump experiment'. America survived The Great Recession, now we are in the midst of The Great Transgression, when a duplicitous huckster has used the Russian mafia and ties to Putin's Oligarchy to corrupt our nation, and divide our republics people. 

We ask that the investigations continue to the final outcome, and that whoever takes the mantle of the 46th President of the United States of America DOES NOT PARDON any Trump family member, denying the American people the justice they deserve.

In addition, we hope that Congress will not allow a man bent on obstructing justice to preemptively pardon himself, his family, or any other party to his crimes against the United States of America.

ACT NOW: The Trumps will 'make a deal' if we don't make our voices heard. Sign the petition, and SHARE with at least 5 friends. Use the hashtag #NoPardon. Together, we can have justice for Democracy!

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