NO to Loxwood Clay Pit Construction Material Site In Loxwood woods

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Loxwood Clay Pits Limited are preparing to apply for planning permission for a Construction Materials Recycling Facility (for imported waste) plus Mineral Extraction in the Pallinghurst Woods in Loxwood.

The site is located in the middle of a beautiful HEAVILY WOODED AREA with LOADS OF WILDLIFE, vast part of it ancient woodland.  This makes it an irreplaceable habitat important for its wildlife, soils, recreational value and cultural, historical and landscape value. 

These woods take hundreds of years to establish and once they are gone, they are gone. 

This is a very frightening application as development can affect ancient woodland, ancient and veteran trees, and the wildlife they support on the site or nearby

This is also a very concerning application in terms of health and safety including safety on public rights of way, road safety, industrial noise and dust pollution. 

We understand that the application could lead up to an average of lorry movements per day, 6 days per week. That would mean that existing PUBLIC FOOTPATHS and bridleways would need to be widened and reinforced for HGVs - 42 lorry movements per day, site operational 5/6 days a week for 33 years.

Families with children, residents and visitors, walkers and cyclists make extensive use of the established public right of way and the different walking tracks zig-zagging the woods on the site; all of that is now at risk. 

We understand that there's a strong possibility for the lorries needing to utilise the established forestry transport infrastructure which would struggle to cope with the weigh and bulk of 40 tonne HGVs. 

In this scenario it is also to be expected that trucks would exit via Loxwood road on a narrow section of the road not wide enough, not safe enough for these movements. 

We therefore ask West Sussex County Council (and Chichester District Council as consultant) to REJECT this application when submitted on the grounds of:

- Loss of ancient woodland, Industrial Noise, Safety on Public Rights of Way and Extensive Environmental Damage and Loss of Life.