No to Industrial Solar on Farmland in Pickaway County

No to Industrial Solar on Farmland in Pickaway County

396 have signed. Let’s get to 500!

Why this petition matters

Started by Kimberly Matteo

An invasion is happening in Pickaway County: massive industrial solar farms are being forced on our rural community with little notice, and without regard to the lasting impact on the environment and citizens.

 The Chipmunk Solar project poses a threat to the well-being of residents, including financial security and the right to fully enjoy the property we own.  We, the undersigning, are requesting the appropriate Governmental Officials, Commissioners, Township Trustees, Westfall School Board and Ohio Power Siting Board in response to concerns raised by the residents, to defend our community and our residents by not approving Chipmunk Solar Project.

We the undersigning ask that you hear our voice and our concerns for the community and land we love, farm, visit, raise our children, build our business, and invest in our future.   Some of our concerns include:

  • Visual Impact
  • Decrease in Property Value
  • Disregard to Local Zoning
  • Wildlife and Birds
  • Health Effects
  • Fire Safety
  • Water Maintenance, Drainage & Contamination 
  • Decommissioning of Panels
  • Damage to Roadways 
  • Loss of High-Quality Agricultural Farm Land

We the undersigning have heard the proposal and the promise to donate funds to Westfall, but we do not feel that those financial contributions outweigh other LONG-TERM effects and concerns within our community. Additionally, we do not feel that promised landscape or coverage will solve our concerns regarding the visual impact and decrease to property value.  

We are asking help to preserve our way of life. We need our elected officials to do as they promised and listen to the people.  We want our School Board to support the residents and the community.   We the ask that The Ohio Power Siting Board hear our voice and concerns.  We the undersigning say NO to Industrial Solar Farms in Pickaway County and NO to Chipmunk Solar.


396 have signed. Let’s get to 500!