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NO! to 4,000 houses in Mirfield on Sands Lane & Lady Wood greenbelt.

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Kirklees Council are proposing a development of 4,000 houses on precious greenbelt fields between Sands Lane (Mirfield) and Ravensthorpe Road. Lady Wood also forms part of the proposed development site and is therefore at imminent risk of being felled. The impact of this proposed development would be huge on the residents of Mirfield and Dewsbury, and devastating for our local wildlife. DEVELOPMENT COULD COMMENCE AS SOON AS EARLY 2017!!

We urge Kirklees Council to remove site H2089 from the list of allocated sites for development which are included within the published (draft) Local Plan. Greenbelt is precious and should not be developed – building on these sites contravene protected status and this precedence must not be set. Greenbelt areas are important to prevent urban sprawl, stop towns from merging, protect the countryside and promote urban regeneration. The density of the proposed housing is of city nature and not suited to Greenbelt countryside.

The land in site H2089 (Sands Lane and Lady Wood in Mirfield and extending to Ravensthorpe Road), houses a rich and diverse amount of wildlife including great crested newts, barn owls, bats and the currently protected badger. Kirklees Council have a duty to conserve the biodiversity of this area. Development would be catastrophic to our wildlife. Site H2089 abuts ancient woodland and a natural spring, building in this area would destroy valuable wildlife habitats.

A development of this magnitude would be visibly intrusive and harm the character and appearance of an area of outstanding beauty. This area is used and enjoyed by many people. Several footpaths and bridleways cross the proposed site H2089 and are frequented by many ramblers, horse riders, cyclists and dog walkers.

The local infrastructure is not suitable for another 4,000 homes. Traffic through Mirfield and Ravensthorpe is already at capacity and congested. The doctors surgery and schools in Mirfield are already struggling with the volume of the existing local population.

We understand that housing is needed but feel it would be more sensible to build a completely new Settlement/Garden village somewhere with reasonable transport links, but away from any major towns or villages and not at the loss of important Greenbelt. A new garden town that over time can grow to meet the needs of the people with the correct infrastructure designed into it from the beginning.

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