No Tint Regulations MI

No Tint Regulations MI

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Why this petition matters

Started by Trenton Gasco

The current window tint regulations in Michigan are:

1. Illegal to tint front windshield. 

2. Front seat side window allows 35% tint no farther than 4 inches from top of window. 

3. Back seat side windows and rear window allows 35% tint. 


I know myself, and many others in Michigan, do not like these regulations. To be clear, the only regulations i’m hoping will change are the front windshield and front side windows. I’m not oblivious to why the regulations were put into place, but in recent times cops have been explaining that the reason for these tint regulations are so cops can see in the vehicle. It has also been stated that there is an increased chance for you to be pulled over with tint if the officer thinks you’re doing illicit activities. Cops also like to point out how tint makes it “hard to see” through, especially at night. This is simply just not true in many peoples perspective.

Two words, Ceramic Tint. Ceramic tint does NOT include dyes, metal, or carbon making it non-conductive and non-metallic for high visibility.

So my question is, what is the actual purpose of these regulations? Simply for the law enforcement’s sake? I can see many positives of tint that overpower that what seams to be the sole reason for these regulations. 


Some positives include:

1. Protection from sun while driving. Both from sunlight and UV rays. Keeps car interior cooler, preventing the car from becoming a portable microwave.

2. Protection from brighter headlights (LED, Halogenic, etc). Some tint will reduce glares from lights/reflections. 

3. Privacy/protection wig vehicle. Everyone should have the right to privacy. Tint helps keep certain things hidden from the public eye. For example, there are certain things you won’t bring with you everywhere you go like a laptop, backpacks, etc. 


Those are just a few positives that I, along with others, believe come with having these tint regulations removed. 

The final point I would like to make is that it seems that tint has been “stereotyped” as “suspicious”, why is that? If we didn’t have that stereotype, what would the problem be with tint? I have a clean driving record, no tickets no nothing, haven’t even pulled over for speeding. Yet, I get pulled over for tint the most, even though I’m not speeding, not driving recklessly. What dangers does tint really bring to the public or other drivers? I can understand regulations on VLT for tint, but regulations on where you can have tint on your vehicle is a bit outrageous to me.

My goal is to hopefully get this petition noticed, and hopefully to have the regulations removed or changed a bit.

Thanks for reading.




160 have signed. Let’s get to 200!