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No tax dollars for genetic engineering seed research


The Global Food Security Act (SB 384) represents the biggest change in focus for U.S. agricultural aid since the original “Green Revolution” introduced genetically modified seeds and pesticides to poor farmers in the global south beginning in the 1950s and 1960s. SB 384 sailed through committee last month based on Gates Foundation-funded Monsanto-friendly research.

With heavy agribusiness support, the Global Food Security Act could easily pass. While this bill has many positive aspects, the biotech research provisions must be stripped if we want to avoid yet another expensive failed “Green Revolution.”

This attachment to SB 384 is a stealth giveaway to agribusiness in the name of feeding the world’s poor. What it will really do is destroy the ability of poor farmers to feed themselves throughout the global south.

Please urge your Senator to strip the biotech provision from SB384 so that it no longer requires research on genetically engineered crops.

And please forward this action to your friends.

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U.S. Senate
The Global Food Security Act-SB 384 (also known as the Lugar-Casey Act) includes a corporate welfare provision for the biotech seed and chemical corporations. Although the bill’s primary focus is on short-term food aid and long-term agricultural development, forcing patented seed technology on the rest of the world at U.S. tax-payer expense is not only unfair to the American taxpayer, but also detrimential to the world's farmers. Genetically engineered crops have failed to eliminate hunger because they are not any more productive than traditional crops, and more importantly people go hungry because they are too poor to buy food. There simply is no shortage of food in the world--only a shortage of money to buy that food.
Biotech crops have failed time after time to deliver industry promises of increased yield and drought tolerance. Millions of farmers in countries around the world are now rejecting genetically engineered crops and products. By including a federal mandate in this bill requiring funding for agricultural biotechnology research and development, we are simply writing a big fat subsidy to Monsanto and other industry giants; thus diverting investment from truly sustainable agriculture.
Please do all that you can to strip the biotechnology provision from this bill. I want my taxpayer dollars to support food security for hungry people: not subsidies for biotechnology companies.

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