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No tax cuts for the richest and no catfood for the oldest

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Keep nope alive! For e.g., having tax cuts to the richest for a decade during two wars is economic treason; by the richest 2 % of our nation. The rich's sons and daughters aren't dying in those unnecessary wars, the middle-class to poor's are! The economy is in shambles. People everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. So naturally, Republicans are worried about the richest Americans. They're looking to make Bush's tax cuts for the rich, which expire at the end of the year, permanent. The worst part is that some right-wing Democrats have already come out and agreed with the Republicans' reckless approach, and the White House has signaled that they're open to compromising on this issue. This has to be the worst idea since, well, ever. As well, I don't mean to interject reality into your fun, BUT, you can't restore sanity, one must choose the direction of sanity, ergo, go sane, put their shadows behind them, move, et al; giving up the devolutionary direction, re-embracing the evolution- for e.g., turning 360 degrees around, back to the future and the evolutionary direction you were born flying in. Don't let the corporate structure's installation of the tea party as the head of the republican conspiracy, shifting the supposed political picture to the right by force (supposedly, the supposed left extreme being Jesus walking on water civil rights African-American conspirator supposed Christian conspirators, who can do no wrong, who are supposedly diametrically opposed to, the extreme right, tea partying republican supposed Christian conspirators, who want to return the usa to laws and practices of the pre-civil rights movement era) be the dems supposed excuse to need to be 'tri-partisan', and water down all legislation, while they ignore real third parties like the Green Party, and keep them and real independents out of the debates; demand truth and accountability. As well, stop the conservative dominated ‘spending cuts commission’ from gutting the elderly and poor, now! “The proposed cuts to Social Security are so deep, for so many people. This is a direct attack on America's middle class for the benefit of Corporate America. These ideas are so awful, sixteen other members of the Catfood Commission didn't want to touch it.3 Problem is, this is the "starting point" for discussions. This will be negotiated, and many of these awful ideas could be in the final proposal. We need to stop it now. It's bad enough to even think about cutting Social Security - but to do it to pay for corporate tax cuts? That's insane. Don’t let cat food be what’s for dinner for our elderly again, speak out now! This is President Obama's commission, and he has the power to shut it down. The other commission members can put their feet down and say no to Social Security cuts. Let's make them do it.” Firedoglake The republican conspiracies extermination of humanity, to dictate its extinction, and that of large mammals, that can be seen on humanities horizon racing towards us from our future, through the most paying tools of destruction, earth murder and unending unnecessary war, can only be struggled with by an evolving humanity; delusional profit and pleasure, the root of the corporate structure's convolutions devolutionary direction, can only be struggled with by more humaneness, thought, feeling, memory, compassion, evoking, emoting, insight, relating, growth, realization of potential, et al, real profit and pleasure- for, destruction and murder are of no profit or pleasure. Yes, it's now or never, if not you, then who, there, then where, be; or humanity will not be- and all of it will be gone, as if none of it ever was. Save your self later, by saving the elderly and poor now!   reality

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