No Sweep! No Fence! in Little Tokyo!

No Sweep! No Fence! in Little Tokyo!

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No Sweep! No Fence! 

For the Self-Determination of Little Tokyo!


Kevin De Leon has ordered the police to destroy the Toriumi Plaza encampment on March 17th. 

Unhoused residents will be violently forced from their tents by armed police. Kevin De Leon (KDL) will then cage off the plaza, cutting it off from our community. He has offered no livable housing—only the prison-like conditions of Project Roomkey hotel rooms and Tiny Home tool sheds, COVID-19-infested congregate shelters and bridge housing, or total displacement. 

Sweeps are state violence. Houselessness exists for one reason: a lack of accessible and livable housing. Sending the police to tear down tents does nothing to make livable housing accessible. 

Local organizations repeatedly tried to schedule a meeting with KDL to discuss our community’s needs—he instead ignored our requests and scheduled a sweep. We refuse to accept KDL’s violent order to forcibly sever community members from Little Tokyo; Toriumi Plaza, along with the rest of Little Tokyo, belongs to the people.

Sweeps are the weapon of developers, corrupt non-profits, and anti-Black racists. Developers want unhoused people swept out so they can get rich people to rent their properties. Corrupt non-profits want encampments destroyed so they can get paid at the peril of unhoused people who have to accept inhumane and humiliating services. The racists just want all poor Black people out of sight. KDL’s sweep serves them—it does nothing for our community. It does nothing to solve our very real issue of houselessness. 

There are over 40,000 unhoused people in L.A. Between LAHSA, Bridge Home, and Project Roomkey, the city offers only 2,700 beds. This crisis will not end until the city sets aside the interests of the developers and starts making unoccupied housing publicly available. Unhoused people literally have nowhere else to go. KDL knows this—for the last few months, his non-profit partners have been moving unhoused people to Toriumi Plaza as they continue their campaign of sweeps and displacement throughout the rest of CD14! His partners like The People Concern promise unhoused people shelter and then shuffle them to a different encampment. 

Until every last person is housed—no, Tiny Home tool sheds do NOT count—we can only improve the safety of our communities by improving the living conditions of our unhoused residents. The city must provide clean public bathrooms, consistent trash pickup, daily showers, warm blankets, and whatever else unhoused people need to live safely until there are real housing options available for them. 

The Little Tokyo we are fighting for is a Little Tokyo for the people. Through a century of struggle, we crafted our community for a noble purpose: to sustain and nourish the oppressed. Eighty years ago, our people were ordered to move into cages. Today, KDL dares to order the displacement of yet another group of people from our community, erecting a new cage to enforce this age-old violence.

Never Again is Now. We condemn KDL’s plan to sweep the unhoused residents of Toriumi Plaza and fence it off from our community. We defend the right of all unhoused residents to safe, non-carceral housing and their autonomy to decide whether or not they remain a part of our community. We assert our community’s right to self-determination over that of any politician. We, the undersigned, call for KDL to immediately cancel his violent plans for Toriumi Plaza and to begin a public dialogue with our community—including, most of all, our unhoused members. 

Our Demands: 

  • Cancel the planned March 17th sweep for Toriumi Plaza. 
  • Cancel the planned fence that will enclose Toriumi Plaza.
  • Meet with members from all parts of the Little Tokyo Community, especially the Unhoused residents.  
  • Reallocate the $8 million per day wasted by the LAPD towards permanent supportive housing with wrap around services for all Unhoused residents. 

Japanese Translation:

ケビン・デ・レオンが3月17日にトリウミプラザの野営地を取り壊すことを警察に指示しました。野宿者の方々は武装した警察によって強制的に彼らの住まいのテントから排除されます。ケビン・デ・レオン(以下KDL)はプラザをコミュニティから断ち切り監獄状態にします。彼は住まいにふさわしい住居を一切提供せず、刑務所のような条件のProject Roomkeyのホテル部屋かTiny Homeという道具小屋で作られた仮設住宅、コロナがまん延している密集した収容施設や一時的な仮設住宅、もしくは完全なる排除だけを提供しました。




ロサンゼルス市内には4万人もの住居のない野宿者の方々がいます。Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority、 Bridge Home そして Project Roomkeyの間で市は2,700 台のベッドしか提供していません。この危機は、市が開発者からの利益を除外し、空いている住宅を公に利用可能にし始めるまで終わりません。野宿者の方々はまさに行くところがないのです。KDLはこのことを知っています。この数ヶ月、彼らは第14評議会地区内で強制的一掃排除のキャンペーンを続け強制的立ち退きを行う中、彼のNPO団体パートナーは立ち退いた野宿者の方々をトリウミプラザに置き去りにしていっているのです!彼のパートナーのPeople Concernは野宿者の方々に仮設住宅を約束したのち、彼らをあらゆる野営地にごちゃ混ぜに置いていくのです。

全ての人に住居が与えられるまで—Tiny Homeという道具小屋で作られた仮設住宅は含まれません—私たちに私たちのコミュニティの安全のためにできることは野宿者の方々の住まいを改善することです。市は清潔な公衆トイレを設置すべきであり、頻繁にゴミ収集すべきであり、日々のシャワーや暖かい毛布など野宿者の方々がちゃんとした住居のオプションが与えられるまでに安全に暮らせるように必要な全てのものを与えるべきです。




  • 3月17日のトリウミプラザでの強制一掃排除の計画を止めること。
  • トリウミプラザを柵で囲い監獄状態にする計画を止めること。
  • 野宿者の方々を含めた、あらゆるリトルトーキョーコミュニティメンバーと会うこと。
  • ロサンゼルス警視庁に浪費される1日あたり800万ドルというお金を、野宿者の方々にとって必要なサービスを備えた恒久的な支援住宅に使うこと。
2,001 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!