Petition Closed

It is unjust to discriminate against one class of ratepayer, especially those who are adopting renewable energy and helping to grow the local economy, improve local security, and helping to reduce emissions.


Letter to
Office of Debra Reed and Michael Niggli San Diego Gas & Electric and Sempra Energy
I just signed the following petition addressed to: San Diego Gas & Electric.

I'm writing to express my objection to the decision by San Diego Gas & Electric to surcharge customers who have a solar system or plan to obtain one.

SDG&E is planning to surcharge users of solar and renewable energy so that schools, residents and others will pay a special charge because they produce their own energy.

Although not yet adopted, this plan is already having a chilling effect on the industry. Consumers are cancelling solar installation projects and solar installers are losing work. The solar industry has been one of the few bright spots in our economy, and this plan is a job and business killer.

Furthermore, a surcharge on renewable and solar users discriminates against customers doing good for themselves and their neighbors, and ignores the well-being of our environment, and the world.

This action sets a dangerous precedent. We reject all claims by SDG&E that this surcharge is a requirement to support fellow ratepayers without solar.

SDG&E, withdraw your application to surcharge solar and renewable users. It is contrary to the best interests of San Diego Gas & Electric and all ratepayers wherever they are.

[Your name]