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No plea deals and MAX sentencing for MICHAEL PLUMADORE

Karen Richards, Allen County Prosecuting Attorney
[p] (260) 449-7641
[f] (260) 449-8699
Address: 602 South Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802-1700

Dear Karen Richards, Allen County Prosecuting Attorney,

I would like to thank you for your public service as a civil servant and give appreciation and gratitude for the job you do. I am rather certain that you are a busy person, but I must urge you today that the maximum prosecutorial efforts be sought against Mike Plumadore for murder, and upon conviction maximum punishment be presented and NO "plea deals" be given.

It defies humanity that a man can bludgeon an innocent little girl to death. It is beyond unthinkable that he could dismember her body and distribute it to various place. Sadly, Aliahna was made accessible by Tarah and Allen Souders. These individuals have not only made our youth expendable, they have shown an example with these viscous string of events that were 100% avoidable. Tarah and Allen Souders have proven themselves unfit parents more than once. Please seek and pursue the strongest charges possible on all of the individuals.

Tarah and Allen Souders' children were not given a safe, loving, and protected environment. Aliahna already suffered from PTSD, and night terrors from when she was sexually assaulted and abused by two men in Iowa. Tarah and her family then made their way to Indiana to care for her father who is a registered sex offender of which Plumadore was a roommate and caregiver for her father. A trailer park community with 25 trailers was infested with 15 other sex offenders. The children were left in Plumadore's care. Is this not enough to charge Trah Souders and Allen Souders with negligence and abandonment? In a perfect world- negligent homicide would be a suitable charge.

I would strongly urge you to do whatever it takes to ensure that this Plumadore be shown the justice he deserves. He deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars for his cruel, malicious act of violence with lack of conscience. He lacks the empathy required to live in civil population. Tarah and Allen Souders have proven themselves unfit countless times. Please seek and pursue the strongest charges possible on all of these individuals.

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